ExecuSpace Services




Always make a great first impression. As your guests step off the elevator into our warmly decorated reception area, they are greeted by one of our professional, courteous receptionists. Similarly, your callers are greeted in the same way. Visitors will be asked to have a seat while we let you know you have someone waiting.

Secretarial Assistance / Administrative Assistance

Our experienced, professional staff knows how to assist busy professionals. Whether you simply need a couple copies run while you are in a meeting, or you need assistance with a large mailing, or preparation for a big presentation, our staff members are available for a nominal additional charge. Use their assistance only when needed rather than incurring the expense of a full-time salary and benefits.

IT Support

As a tenant, should you ever have trouble with your internet connection, our in-house IT consultant will be there to get you back online and working quickly. If you have more extensive needs - email or website hosting, VPN, LAN or computer setup, he is available on an hourly contract basis.

Managed Digital Phone System

  • Modern, digital phone system with private voicemail boxes.
  • Phones are courteously and professionally answered by a receptionist with your business name. You decide to accept the call or have it transfer to voicemail.
  • Incoming calls can be transferred to outside lines, as you direct.
  • Setup, programming, and maintenance are all included. Phone usage charges are exceptionally low because of our state-of-the-art voice-over-internet phone network.

Internet Access

Every office and conference room is wired for high-speed access to our internal, continuously-monitored local area network. ExecuSpace provides its own address resolution servers which are connected to multiple high-speed internet lines to give tenants fast, reliable access.

Mail and Package Handling

ExecuSpace handles mail sorting and mailing (postage is charged to tenant accounts at cost) five days a week. Daily pickup and delivery from the major courier services, and close proximity to the Northbrook UPS hub mean that your packages will be handled quickly and efficiently. Staff memmbers will sign for mail and packages that you receive, as needed, and contact you to inform you that you have special items waiting. Outgoing mail can be given to ExecuSpace staff for postage calculation and metering.